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Microsoft MVP Award Recipient 2015

You know what's cool? When you're casually helping colleagues in the industry with their content strategy because you want to share knowledge and further their success, and you get an award for it. It all started when Ping Jen (formerly of … MORE

Does Ghostwriting Make You a Fraud?

If you hire a ghostwriter, does that make you a fraud? What about if you are a ghostwriter – are you committing fraudulence in expertise? I ran across a 2013 article from Demian Farnworth on the Raven blog on the brutally honest truth about … MORE

Digital All Stars Virtual Event Recap

If you didn't get a chance to go to the all-day virtual digital marketing event on Wednesday hosted by the Online Marketing Institute (OMI), I have a recap for you with solid tips from my session on Web content strategy that you can start applying … MORE

How Bing Applied the Content Strategy Tips I Gave Them

I had the pleasure of working with a Microsoft Bing Ads team to coach them on Web content strategy late last year. I was delighted recently to see that they applied some of the concepts to their clients' advertising and marketing strategies. In … MORE